Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mr. Wizard, dead at 89

I have fond memories of Mr. Herbert as I grew up watching him on Nickelodeon. His show was always entertaining—especially the one where he made the volcano blow up. He almost, but not quite, made me appreciate science.


The last couple days I've been turned on to several different strange and funny things that I figured I ought to share. No, they don't have anything to do with Mr. Wizard, but as long as I'm updating the blog, I thought I'd mention some of them here.

1.) First up is this strange video of Johnny Depp being assaulted by piano-playing, sword-wielding pirate children on a Japanese talk show. Obviously, something is lost in translation:

2.) The next link is to another website called "Overheard in New York" that captures random bits of interesting conversations that, you guessed it, were overheard in The Naked City. Here are a couple examples:
Street hawker: Take it -- slit your wrists with it, roll your drugs in it -- I don't care. Just take it.

--43rd & 7th
Comedy promoter: Colorful paper! Free colorful paper! Use it to wipe your ass!

--Times Square
3.) Our third and final link comes from a forum for Student Doctors in which each poster takes a turn at describing things they learn from their patients. Apparently, they are true stories. I liked these in particular:
When I volunteered in an ED, this was my favorite line of questions/answers with teenage females:

1. Is there any chance you could be pregnant? No.
2. Do you take birth control? No.
3. Do you have unprotected sex? Yes.
4. When was your LMP? 3 months ago.
5. Now, let me ask you again, is there any chance you could be pregnant? No, I told you that already.
If somehow a ping pong ball should make its way into your rectum and you cannot retieve it, do not mix yourself a cement enema--as this will only make your problems worse.
Read more here.

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